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Symptoms of High BUN And High Uric Acid

2013-10-09 15:05

BUN and uric acid are two important items in telling how well your kidneys are functioning.What are the symptoms of high BUN and high uric acid?

Symptoms of high BUN

Urea nitrogen is the byproduct of protein and it is normally filtered out of body by kidneys.When kidneys are not functioning well,high levels of urea nitrogen will build up in body.

People with high BUN will show certain symptoms.If high levels of urea nitrogen accumulate in gastrointestinal tract,urea nitrogen will be decomposed into ammonia with urease.Ammonia can irritate gastrointestinal tract,resulting in nausea,vomiting, and poor appetite.Some patients can have bad smell in mouth if there is ammonia in mouth.In addition, some patients can develop a syndrome called uremia with a host of symptoms like bone disease, fatigue, insomnia etc.

Symptoms of high uric acid

Uric acid is the byproduct of purine and is normally filtered out of body.However,when kidneys are not functioning well,high levels of uric acid will accumulate in bloodstream,resulting in a condition called hyperuricemia.The uric acid can deposit in different body parts, especially joints, resulting in inflammation these parts.Arthritis is commonly seen in CKD.

How to lower high levels of BUN and uric acid?

As for high BUN,it is important to cut down the consumption of foods high in protein.To lower high uric acid, the patients should develop a low-purine diet. In addition, some medications will be prescribed to control the symptoms of high BUN and uric acid.

However,high levels of BUN and uric acid result from reduced renal function.Therefore,to lower high levels of BUN and uric acid,the patients should have a treatment to restore the impaired kidney structure and enhance renal function. If the kidneys can work better, more uric acid and urea nitrogen will be removed from body. In this way, the high levels of BUN and uric acid will be lowered completely.

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