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Blood Pollution Therapy Helps You Reduce Frequency of Dialysis

2016-03-22 08:29

Blood Pollution Therapy Helps You Reduce Frequency of Dialysis“I have to go dialysis every alternate day. That is too boring. Kindly let me know whether frequency of dialysis can be reduced by Blood Pollution Therapy.” If you are fed up of dialysis and want to reduce dialysis frequency like this patient, you can try our Blood Pollution Therapy.

Blood Pollution Therapy helps you cleanse the blood thoroughly.

Dialysis can only remove micromolecule wastes from the blood, while this therapy can remove all kinds of wastes from the blood. It can even remove stasis from the blood vessels to improve blood circulation so that the damaged kidneys can get enough oxygen, nutrients and active materials of medicine to speed up recovery.

Blood Pollution Therapy helps you supplement essential elements.

When your body heal itself, it need various elements. This therapy can provide your body with vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and so on according to your conditions.

Blood Pollution Therapy helps you rebuild kidney function.

It is to maintain such a good blood environment continuously for the damaged kidneys so that they can repair themselves quickly.

With the treatment progresses, symptoms and complications of kidney failure will gradually get alleviated. And your kidney function will improve to certain extent. And then you can reduce frequency of dialysis. If you still have more than 100 ml urine output and your kidney size is more than 6cm, it is possible for you to get rid of dialysis. How much kidney function you can call back depends on the severity of your kidney damage now. Therefore, the earlier you start treatment, the more possibility for you to get rid of dialysis.

However, Blood Pollution Therapy is just a characteristic treatment of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. If you really want to reduce frequency of dialysis, you have to come to China to receive treatment. But health is more important than distance. To get some personalized guidance on treatment, please leave a message below or send emails to kidneycares@hotmail.com. Our nephrologist will contact you later.

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