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Is There A Treatment for Kidney Dialysis Patients with Dark Skin

2016-02-08 07:17

Is There A Treatment for Kidney Dialysis Patients with Dark SkinIf you care about your appearance, you may find that after a period of kidney dialysis treatment, your skin turn dark. Is there a treatment for kidney dialysis patients with dark skin?

There are many factors that can cause dark skin for kidney dialysis patient.

-Dialysis is a way to purify the blood, but it can not work 24 hours like your own kidneys. During two dialysis sessions, waste products build up in the blood. When toxin concentration in the blood is very high, it may stimulate melanocyte to produce and release melanin granule so as to make your skin dark.

-Because of anemia, dialysis patients may need to supplement iron. When iron concentration is very high in blood, it may deposit in the skin, leading to dark skin.

In addition, dark skin may be associated with dialyzate, abuse of chalybeate and metabolic disorder of electrolytes.

Treatment for kidney dialysis patients with dark skin

All the factors that cause dark skin are associated with kidney function impairment. Therefore, if you want your skin to look good, the fundamental solution is to improve kidney function. Dialysis simply can not help you achieve this goal. After years of research and clinical practice, our hospital—Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital develops Blood Pollution Therapy, which is to treat your kidney disease from the polluted blood. It can remove all kinds of waste products from the blood to set up a clean blood environment, which can prevent the accumulated waste products from damaging your kidneys further. It can also remove stasis from the blood vessels to improve blood circulation so that enough blood and nutrients can go into the kidneys to help them heal themselves. Moreover, it can provide the essential elements such as amino acids, vitamins and trace elements according to your medical condition. After 30-45 days’ treatment, your kidney function begins to increase and your skin will turn red. To restore your kidney function to the maximum, you should keep on treatment for several months.

Is there a treatment for kidney dialysis patients with dark skin? Yes, there is. If you want your skin to look normal, you can try our Blood Pollution Therapy. For more information on Blood Pollution Therapy, please contact online doctor or leave a message below.

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