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Treatment to Reduce Need for Dialysis

2015-02-20 03:37

Treatment to Reduce Need for DialysisWith kidney failure, you need to do dialysis once, twice or even three times a week and that is determined by your exact illness condition. People with frequent dialysis have a lower survival rate and also they run higher risk for side effects, compared with these who do dialysis less. Therefore, reducing the need for dialysis is very helpful. Well, what is the treatment that can reduce need for dialysis?

Dialysis frequency is proportional to kidney condition. In general, the poorer the kidney condition, the more frequently that patients do dialysis. Therefore, to reduce need for dialysis, you need to strengthen kidney and increase kidney function.

Kidney failure is a complex illness which can involve all the body systems if not managed well. So far there is no a medicine has been proven to be able to increase kidney function, but with a systematic treatment, damaged kidneys can be strengthened greatly.

In our hospital-Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, kidney failure patients are treated with a comprehensive treatment which contains Mai Kang mixture, some oral herbs, Micro-Chinese Medicine and Foot Bath. These kidney-beneficial therapies work differently, but they all contribute to repairing of injured kidney tissues and increase of kidney function. By combing them and applying them properly, we can receive the best treatment effects.

Dialysis is required when kidneys can not help to maintain life activity, so when kidneys work better, need for dialysis is reduced. For kidney failure patients who take our comprehensive treatment, they usually receive different treatment effects. Some of them can reduce dialysis frequency and some of others may be able to get off dialysis under doctor’s direction. The treatment effects are based on their physical condition, illness condition, daily urine volume, severity of complications and symptoms.

Lastly, dialysis indeed helps to support life when kidneys shut down, but it is not a fundamental solution, as it can not repair kidney damages at all. To reduce need for dialysis, we must strengthen kidney and increase kidney function.

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