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How to Detoxify the Blood Without Dialysis

2014-12-25 12:21

How to Detoxify the Blood Without DialysisKidney has an important function. That is to filter excess fluid, toxins and waste products from the blood. When your kidney function declines, they can not be removed timely and then build up in the blood. Dialysis is needed when your GFR is less than 15. But before GFR 15, how to detoxify the blood without dialysis?

When your GFR is more than 15, dialysis is not recommended, because it is not beneficial for you to protect the remaining kidney function. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are many therapies to help you cleanse the waste and prevent further kidney damage.

Medicated Bath

Skin is the largest detoxification organ. When the pores in the skin open, waste exudes through the pores with sweat. There are two kinds of medicated bath in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, namely medicated full bath and medicated foot bath. It is to immerse your body into the diluted medicated soup. The active ingredients in medicated soup can go in to your body to help your kidney self-healing. Moreover, the high temperature can dilate the blood vessels and speed up blood circulation, which are good for kidney recovery.

Steam therapy works in a similar way to medicated bath.

Enema therapy

This therapy is to infiltrate medicated soup into intestinal tract. This can help your body discharge toxins and waste products. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, intestinal tract is associated with lung and lung helps kidney work. As a result, when your intestinal tract works well, your kidneys begin to work as well.

Circle therapy

It is to draw circles on certain acupoints with herbs. And then toxins in your body come out through the skin. A good blood environment improves the kidneys’ self-healing ability.

In order to achieve a good curative effect, the above therapies are often used together. After a period of treatment, you will find your kidney function improves and then you won’t worry about the coming dialysis.

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