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Get Rid of Dialysis with Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy

2013-12-07 10:14

Dialysis is the first-line treatment option for people with kidney failure.It can keep the patients alive and help prolong the patient’s life span.How to get rid of dialysis with Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy?

How does dialysis work to treat kidney failure?

Nephrons are the basic functional units in kidneys.Every kidney is composed of one million nephrons.However,a variety of conditions and diseases can affect the nephrons adversely.As the condition progresses,more and more nephrons will become scarred and even necrotic.As a result,the kidneys become less able to perform their functions.High levels of waste products build up in body and a number of discomforts and complications occur.

Dialysis can eliminate small molecular waste products from bloodstream like creatinine,urea nitrogen and uric acid, thus making the patients feel better and prolonging the patient’s life span. However,the large molecular toxins will linger in body.The remaining toxins can do more harm to body.

Get rid of dialysis with Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmtherapy is an effective treatment for dialysis patients.It can help many patients get rid of dialysis. Stage 5 CKD: Say Goodbye to Dialysis

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is a plant-based therapy in which different types of Chinese herbs are applied in it based on the patients’ illness condition.It works in the following ways to reverse kidney damage and enhance renal function.

Firstly,micro-Chinese medicines are tonic to kidney tissues. They can provide abundant nutrients and raw material for repairing impaired nephrons.

Secondly,Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can activate the self-healing system of the body and stimulate the production of growing factors.When the impaired kidney tissues and cells are repaired,the number of healthy nephrons will increase.

If Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy performs well for dialysis patients,the renal function will be enhanced remarkably. If so, the patients will be able to get rid of dialysis.

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