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Stage 5 CKD: Say Goodbye to Dialysis

2016-05-02 12:17

Name: Tima Kaeyo

Gender: Male

Age: 59

Country: Papua New Guina

Diagnose: Stage 5 CKD

Patient Word:

Here, it provides something another than kidney transplant and dialysis. This gives us a new hope.

- Tima Kaeyo

“ We were ever told that dialysis or kidney transplant was the only solution for my father’s condition. It is this hospital that gives my father a hope to say goodbye to dialysis” Jennifer, Tima Kaeyo’s daughter, said to us.

Uncle Kaeyo who comes from PNG always has a very kind smile. Because his both kidneys fail, he is recommended to do a fistula in Manila. Then, the local doctor knows about the level of care back in PNG, so he thinks kidney transplant to be better. Therefore, uncle with his family members goes back to look for a donor. However, they come across the problem of finding a suitable donor.

At this time, they know this hospital in China from one relative whose father in law gets kidney improvement here. Then, they decide to try some new treatments that they have never heard before.

After arriving, all the nurses and doctors treat uncle and his daughter as their own family members and give them fully service. Here, uncle accepts a systemic therapy including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, acupuncture, foot therapy, etc. Finishing the treatment, uncle’s urine output has increased from 100ml to 850ml, and his overall health is improved largely. Therefore, uncle can get rid of dialysis and kidney transplant.

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