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How To Do The Foot Bath To Lower Down Creatinine Level

2018-12-15 08:29

How To Do The Foot Bath To Lower Down Creatinine LevelMedicated Foot Bath is nowadays the new therapy to reduce high creatinine level. But this therapy is only applied in our hospital, China. So many patients consult our online doctor that how to do the medicated foot bath to decrease high creatinine level.

Medicated Foot Bath belongs to one of the external Chinese medicine treatments. It has a long history in treating diseases.

Through the function of water temperature and mechanical action, foot bath can stimulate the acupoint in feet, improve the course of qi and blood, dredge venation and improve metabolism. First, proper medicines will be chosen and warm water will be added after the medicines are boiled. Then patients put their feet in the medicinal soup. The medicinal soup can arrive at your blood circulation and then your whole body organs under the function of water temperature and mechanical action through mucosa absorption and skin permeation.

Modern research shows that there is a severe decline in kidney’s detoxifying function. Lots of toxins can not be removed and then deposit in your blood. If these toxins can not be removed from your blood, kidney disease can not be treated from the root. There are over 60 acupoints which are connected with your body organs in the feet. Through stimulating your feet, Medicated Foot Bath can improve metabolism, promote blood circulation and cleanse toxins from blood. In this way, high creatinine level will be reduced effectively.

As for patients who take medications for a long time and have serious drug resistance, Medicated Foot Bath can permeate into your body through skin and acupoint permeation. On one hand, Medicated Foot Bath can promote blood circulation. On the other hand, it can cleanse toxins depositing in body and blood. The curative effect can not be achieved by oral Chinese medicine soup. Medicated Foot Bath can help remove toxins out and lower high creatinine level effectively and naturally.

If you want to learn more information on foot bath for high creatinine level, you can leave a message below or consult our online doctor directly.

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