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High Creatinine 8.5 Can Be Lowered without Dialysis

2016-02-12 01:48

High Creatinine 8.5 Can Be Lowered without Dialysis

You might have been suggested to start dialysis if your current serum creatinine level is as high as 8.5, after all dialysis as of now is the quickest way to get high creatinine lowered down. Dialysis is a way to reduce high creatinine 8.5, but here in our hospital-Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, high creatinine 8.5 can be lowered without dialysis.

What does high creatinine 8.5 mean?

Creatinine actually is just a metabolic product in our body. Together with other wastes, creatinine is cleared away from our body through urine by our kidneys. That is to say, kidney function plays an important role in controlling serum creatinine level. High creatinine 8.5 is much higher than reference value 0.5-1.3mg/dL, which means kidney function has been severely damaged. Under such a condition, large amounts of toxins will build up in blood, which is a very dangerous condition because these toxins may damage any part of our body. Therefore, high creatinine 8.5 also means high levels of toxins in blood.

How is high creatinine 8.5 lowered without dialysis?

Dialysis is a medical procedure in which blood is cleansed by a machine outside the body and then clean blood is transfused back to body through a tube. Dialysis is away to get blood purified, but it is not a long-term solution, because it can not repair kidney damages to restore kidney function. That is to say, dialysis is not a real solution, it is just a way to get blood cleansed temporarily.

If you were in our hospital, you will be treated with a comprehensive treatment, instead of dialysis. This comprehensive treatment is named Blood Pollution Therapy which firstly helps you clean your blood by combining different treatment methods like Chinese medicine treatments and advanced western technology, and then repairing your damaged kidney structure to restore your kidney function.

You know toxins in your body not only further damage your kidney, but also affect your other internal organs. This treatment can get your polluted blood cleansed, so as to avoid further harm on your body. After that, Chinese medicine treatments like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Mai Kang Mixture, Circle Therapy and Medicinal Foot Bath will be applied to repair your kidney damages and restore some of your kidney function, so that you can avoid dialysis.

High creatinine 8.5 is a very high level, but it does not mean dialysis is not the only option to reduce it. In our hospital, high creatinine 8.5 can be lowered without dialysis.

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