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Is Dialysis The Only Option For My Creatinine Level 870umol/L

2015-12-24 03:21

My local doctor asks me to take dialysis and also says dialysis is the only option for my creatinine level 870umol/L. Are there really no other options?

I begin to go online to find information and get in touch with a doctor from Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. The doctor tells me my creatinine level 870umol/L can be lowered by other therapies instead of dialysis.

Are you joking with me? I said. “No, I am serious. Your high creatinine level 870umol/L can really be reduced by other options ” the doctor said to me.

Although I do not know much about this hospital, I still decide to have a try.

On 15th, November, 2015, I came to Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. After a detailed examination and expert discussion, they made a systematic treatment plan for me. Their treatment is mainly Chinese medicine treatment but different from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). What treatments I use include one basin of Foot Bath, one bottle of Mai Kang Mixture, an External Application of Chinese Medicine and one dose of Medicinal Soup. All these are done in fixed time. At the beginning, I do not feel too much improvement of my body but gradually I can feel smooth blood circulation in my body and sweats in my hands. Besides, some of my symptoms like poor appetite, nausea, vomiting and sleep quality are all improved greatly.

Three weeks later, my medical report shows creatinine level is 449umol/L. I will continue the treatment at home. I want to say dialysis is not our kidney disease patients’ only treatment. As long as we find the right hospital and correct treatments, we can live well without dialysis and kidney transplant. Good luck to all of you.

Is Dialysis The Only Option For My Creatinine Level 870umol/LIs Dialysis The Only Option For My Creatinine Level 870umol/L

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