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Is There Any Possibility To Treat Advanced CKD With Creatinine Level 1500umol/L

2015-11-19 07:27

Is There Any Possibility To Treat Advanced CKD With Creatinine Level 1500umol/LCreatinine level 1500umol/L is extremely high. Without treatment, this condition is likely to cause death. In most cases, dialysis is taken. However, most patients complain the inefficiency of dialysis treatment. What’s more, they usually suffer from some side effects like nausea, vomiting, muscle cramp and itchy skin. This may deteriorate their kidney function. Well, is there any possibility to treat high creatinine level 1500umo/L naturally?

Yes, of course. In our hospital-Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, we do accept a patient with 1500umol/L. This patient is from Nigeria and takes dialysis locally. But dialysis cannot reduce her creatinine level effectively, then she comes to China for further treatment.

After over one month’s treatment in our hospital, her swelling in legs has been improved obviously. When she is discharged from our hospital, her creatinine level is 521umol/L, which made her very excited. Besides, her blood pressure has already decreased to 140/90 when she left our hospital. And after a period of treatment at home, her blood pressure is 120/80, which is an ideal value.

The treatment we apply is Chinese Medicine Treatment. There are many therapies in our hospital including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Foot Bath, Medicinal Soup, Mai Kang Mixture and Enema therapy, etc. According to specific illness condition, therapies and Chinese medicines are different. Thus, if you want to know your treatment plan, you can send your lab reports to kidneycares@hotmail.com. Our experts will analyze your condition carefully and make a treatment plan for you.

Our Chinese medicine treatments help expand blood vessels, prevent inflammation and coagulation, degrade extracellular matrix, provide nutrients for damaged kidneys, improve the self-healing ability of kidney intrinsic cells. After a period of treatment, kidney function can be improved. And then relative symptoms will be relieved radically.

Once you suffer from kidney disease, you should treat it as early as possible. Do not miss the best time.

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