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6 Ways To Bring Down High Creatinine Level In Kidney Disease Patients

2015-10-27 08:25

6 Ways To Bring Down High Creatinine Level In Kidney Disease PatientsOne of the most ideal things to test function of your kidneys is to check levels of creatinine. High creatinine level is concerned by many people, especially for kidney patients. Well then, what is the treatment for kidney disease patients to bring down high creatinine level?

Here we list top 6 ways to reduce high creatinine level and hope they can help you.

1. Keep an eye on protein intake

Avoid foods that are high in protein as much as possible. Red meat and dairy products are especially bad for you. When you do consume protein, try to obtain it from plant-based sources, like nuts and other legumes.

2. Stay away from creatine supplements

Since creatinine is a waste product of creatine, taking creatine supplements will result in a greater build up of creatinine in your blood.

3. Drink nettle leaf tea

Nettle leaf may help increase your renal excretion, which will help discharge excess amounts of creatinine. Histamines and flavonoids in nettles can help increase the blood flow to your kidneys, thus increasing urine filtration.

4. salvia

Salvia is able to increase your glomerular filtration rate, which helps facilitate the elimination of creatinine. Salvia contains lithospermate, which improves renal function. When kidney function is improved, it can bring down high creatinine level in kidney disease patients.

5. Massage therapy

Massage therapy is one of the Chinese medicine treatments. It will help blood circulation and reduce stress levels, which leads to pleasant sleep and relaxation. A good mood is very important for the prognosis of kidney disease.

6. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

With Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) are prescribed based on your illness condition. This therapy is applied externally. Via an osmoscope machine, the active ingredients can come to kidney lesion directly. This therapy can repair injured kidney tissues and improve kidney function. When kidney function is improved, elevated creatinine level will be lowered naturally and radically. This therapy is an unique therapy in our hospital-Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. It is only available in China now so you have to come to China for treatment.

The above are top 6 ways to reduce high creatinine level in kidney disease. In addition, we also have medicated bath, medicinal soup and Mai Kang Mixture, etc. They are all beneficial for improving kidney function. If you want to get detailed information, you can leave us a message below or send an email to kidneycares@hotmail.com. We are glad to help you.

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