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Is Dialysis Necessary for Patient with Creatinine Level 8

2014-08-23 10:28

Is Dialysis Necessary for Patient with Creatinine Level 8Dialysis is a very effective way for high creatinine level, because it is especial effective in cleansing substances with small molecular weights like creatinine and urea nitrogen. That is the reason why dialysis is suggested when creatinine level becomes very high. Serum creatinine level 8 is several times higher than normal range of 0.5-1.3mg/dL. So is dialysis necessary in such a case?

Is dialysis necessary for patient with creatinine level 8?

When serum creatinine level becomes very high, blood purification methods are needed because elevation of creatinine level means large amounts of toxins are accumulating in blood. Kidney is responsible for purifying blood and when creatinine can not be removed out of the body successfully, other wastes can not be removed as well. Therefore, high creatinine level indicates high levels of toxins in blood. That is the reason why dialysis is needed to purify blood when serum creatinine increases to a certain level.

Creatinine level 8 is very high. Under such a condition, to protect other organs from being damaged, dialysis is needed. Dialysis is helpful for cleansing blood, but long-term dialysis will cause many side effects some of which are life-threatening. Addition, the longer time patients do dialysis, the lower their survival rate is. Therefore, in some cases, dialysis can be delayed if patients experience no obvious symptoms at all. (You may be interested in article When Is Dialysis Needed in Kidney Failure)

Is it possible to avoid dialysis and kidney transplant with creatinine level 8?

Dialysis is regarded as a must for high creatinine level 8 in many areas. Actually, it is possible for kidney failure patients to avoid dialysis and kidney transplant, even though their serum creatinine has increased to the level as high as 8. But there is only hope for kidney failure patients who still have urine output.

Kidney is responsible for producing urine, and urine output means kidney still can filter some blood. Under such a condition, there is chance for medicine to flow into kidney with blood to repair kidney damages. Kidney function decides serum creatinine level directly. For kidney failure patients, when their kidney function is improved, serum creatinine decreases naturally. Also, dialysis or kidney transplant is not needed any more. As for the treatment for high creatinine level 8, Chinese medicine like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended. Here you can consult our online doctor about the details. 

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