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How to Treat Kidney Disease with High Blood Pressure

2016-09-14 08:52

How to Treat Kidney Disease with High Blood Pressure  For high blood pressure with kidney disease patients, how to treat it well? This time we will show you a case in the first place to know it is possible to treat it very effectively with Chinese medicine treatment in our hospital. Please see the below details.

She get urine protein 3+, lower extremities edema, years of high blood pressure, and plasma albumin reduced to 28g / L. After two weeks ‘ Chinese medicine treatment, urine protein is reduced to 0.16g/24h.there is no need for her to eat hormone anymore, and also no need to do dialysis. The blood pressure gets controlled very well, too. She is very happy and satisfied with the effects of our treatment of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital.

Chinese medicine in our hospital is a special treatment for kidney disease, which is a complete and herbal treatment. Chinese medicine can promote blood circulation, dilate blood vessels, prevent inflammation, enhance immune system, degrade fibrosis, and so on. In this way, kidney function will be under recovery by the time. High blood pressure can worsen kidney disease by damaging blood vessels of kidney, in turn, kidney disease will also do harm to high blood pressure by losing function of regulating blood pressure. Chinese medicine is very good and effective to treat kidney disease and high blood pressure. It is focusing on improving kidney itself to recover kidney function. Decline of kidney function can be stopped, and disease condition will be managed well, in addition, inner cells of kidney can be repaired very well, too. In this case, patients can live a better and longer life with Chinese medicine treatment.

Our hospital has rich experience for treating kidney disease, which gets a good reputation in the world. We also have treated thousands of foreign patients from many different countries in the world. If you need any help, or have question, be free to contact us.

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