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How to Prevent UTI for CKD Patients

2016-03-18 02:08

How to Prevent UTI for CKD Patients UTI is the abbreviation of urinary tract infection, which can be caused by many conditions. For CKD patients, they are also at risk of UTI in life. When kidney function declines very much, wastes and toxins build up in body, urine production can be affected, in this way, bacteria can deposit and cause UTI finally. How to prevent UTI for CKD patients well?

It is vital to know that decreased kidney function and kidney damage is the leading and fundamental harm for CKD patients, and this is also the key to causing UTI. Foot Bath is a great innovation of Chinese medicine treatment for CKD, which is one of characteristic treatment in our hospital, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. Patients just need to soak their feet into water filled with Chinese medicine. Active materials of medicines can penetrate into body through feet bottom. According to Chinese medicine theory, there are many important acupoints in feet, which can regulate our organs very well. Blood circulation can be promoted, inflammation will be prevented, kidney damage can be repaired, and fibrosis can be degraded well. Kidney can be improved greatly with Foot Bath. In this way, kidney will be under recovery to get much creatinine, and other wastes from body. UTI can be prevented very well with Foot Bath.

Apart from Foot Bath, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Hot Compress Therapy, Acupuncture are also part of Chinese medicine systematic and herbal treatment for CKD. Kidney function can be recovered gradually with Chinese medicine, which is a very good option for kidney disease patients. If you get any problem or need any help, leave a message for us or contact our online doctors anytime. Reply will be given for you very soon in detail from our professional kidney disease specialized doctors.

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