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Obesity Kidney Disease and 24-hour Urine Quantity 1.09g

2015-11-09 02:22

Obesity Kidney Disease and 24-hour Urine Quantity 1.09gObesity can cause many illnesses and kidney disease is one of them. Most people still do not know kidney disease can be caused by obesity. There is a case that her kidney disease is induced by kidney disease and 24-hour urine quantity is higher to 1.09g.

Obesity will change your renal hemodynamics and cause inflammatory reaction of adipocytokines. In this condition, kidneys can be damaged. There is no curative effect in her local hospital so she comes to our hospital-Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital for treatment.

Our doctor gives her Chinese medicines to improve her blood circulation and remove toxins generated by inflammatory reaction.

Three weeks later, her 24-hour urine quantity is reduced to 0.32g from 1.09g. This is a really big surprise to her. We are all happy to see her recovery.

                                        Obesity Kidney Disease and 24-hour Urine Quantity 1.09g 
                                         Obesity Kidney Disease and 24-hour Urine Quantity 1.09g

In addition to reducing 24-hour urine quantity, our Chinese Medicines can also repair damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney function. For example, on the basis of traditional Chinese Medicine, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is created. This therapy is used externally and two medicated bags are placed on your lower back. With the help of osmosis device, the active ingredients in Chinese medicines can come to kidney lesion directly and have the function of expanding blood vessels, preventing inflammation and coagulation, degrading extracellular matrix and providing nutrients. Gradually injured kidney can be repaired and kidney function will also be improved naturally. When kidney function is improved, urine protein, blood pressure and other related symptoms can all be managed well. Besides, our hospital also has some complementary therapies like medicated bath, foot bath, acupuncture, enema therapy, steaming therapy and acupoint application, etc. They usually are used together with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

Of course, as for kidney disease due to obesity, you also need to lose weight. Weight control can be achieved by diet and medical treatment. You should choose one which is most suitable for you.

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