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Is There Treatment to Regain Kidney Function

2015-01-21 11:43

Is There Treatment to Regain Kidney FunctionOnly when you lose your kidney function can you realize the important role the kidney plays in maintaining the normal function of body. Is there any treatment to regain kidney function? I think most kidney patients want to know the answer.

Nephron is the basic unit of kidney function. If you want to regain kidney function, you should repair the damaged nephrons.

First, you should find what causes kidney damage.

Some kidney disease is inherited from our parents, such as PKD. Some kidney disease is associated with abnormal immune system, such as Lupus Nephritis and IgA Nephropathy. As long as you find the types of kidney disease, you can use medications more accurately. But no matter what kind of kidney disease you have, they all belong to chronic kidney disease. That is to say, you have to take a long time to control the disease. In the long run, we had better choose some natural treatment.

Natural treatment to repair the damaged kidneys

In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, there are various TCM therapies to help you, such as Medicated Bath, Steam Therapy, Enema Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Acupuncture and Moxibustion. Some of them can cleanse waste products from the blood and some can decompose immune complexes deposited in the kidneys so as to prevent the kidneys from being damaged further. Some can expand blood vessels and speed up blood circulation so as to increase blood flow into the kidneys. Some can supplement the essential nutrients, such as amino acids and vitamins to activate DNA duplication in damaged tissues so as to speed up their recovery. After a period of treatment, symptoms associated with impaired kidneys, such as foamy urine, swelling and cold disappear. Indicators of kidney function such as creatinine, urea and GFR improve.

However, as long as your nephrons are dead, no treatment can revive them. Therefore, you should take treatment as early as possible.

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