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Medicated Bath for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

2014-08-19 08:24

Medicated Bath for Chronic Kidney Disease PatientsMedicated bath is good for kidney, so it is always applied as an adjuvant therapy for Chronic Kidney Disease in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital.

Medicated bath has existed over 5000 years and been used to treat various refractory illnesses in medicine. It is a relatively safe treatment, but work as effective as medicines used through oral administration. Well, for Chronic Kidney Disease patients, what benefits they can get from medicated bath?

1. Promotion of blood circulation in kidney

Actually, medicated bath not only promotes blood circulation in kidney, but also the whole body. In this treatment, medicines are dispersed in water and then patients soak themselves in the water for some time. Kidney is a very important organ with function of filtering blood and when kidney function is impaired, blood circulation becomes poorer than before. With medicated bath, blood circulation can be improved, and this helps to alleviate renal ischemia and renal anoxia effectively.

2. Cleanse blood

Kidney is in charge of filtering and purifying blood, so with impaired kidney function, wastes will build in the body. Skin is a very important organ that also helps to eliminate wastes in the body. For CKD patients, with medicated bath, some wastes which should have been removed by kidney will be cleared away through skin.

3. Provide the body with nutrition

Medicines used in medicated bath can provide the body with some necessary nutrition through the meridians and acupoints of human body. In our kidney location, there is Sheshu acupoint and it, kidney can get necessary nutrition through medicated bath.

In a word, Chronic Kidney Disease patients can get lots of benefits from medicated bath, so this treatment method can be used by them to improve their kidney function, but the usage of it needs to be under doctor’s direction.

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