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Can Chronic Parenchymal Disease Patients Take Banana

2016-03-02 10:16

Can Chronic Parenchymal Disease Patients Take BananaIf you have chronic parenchymal disease, good nutrition and diet are critical components of the treatment plan. Apples are okay but bananas are not. Because banana contains high potassium.

If your blood tests show there is high potassium level in your blood, you should avoid or limit fruits with high potassium including bananas. When your kidneys cannot remove excess potassium, so the level builds up in the body. High potassium in the blood is called hyperlipidemia. Side effects of high potassium include nausea, weakness, numbness and slow pulse. So it is necessary for you with high potassium in blood to avoid bananas.

However, if your potassium level in blood is not high, you can eat bananas moderately because bananas have the following health benefits:

Relieve from constipation

As a common complication from kidney disease, constipation can be relieved by banana consumption because pectin found in banana, can alleviate constipation and improve bowel function.

Regulate anemia

Anemia is another common symptom from kidney disease and banana is good for anemic patients as they contain high levels of iron which help regulate the hemoglobin levels in the body.

High in antioxidant

Bananas high in antioxidants, which can provide protection from free radicals and chronic disease. This can stop further damage on kidneys.

Besides, bananas are also good for healthy bones, stabilizing blood sugar, reducing nausea and helping restore lost electrolytes after diarrhea.

Whether you can eat banana depends on your specific illness condition. Besides, you also need to take treatment to repair your kidney damage and recover your kidney function. This is the root treatment for chronic parenchymal disease. To repair kidney damage and recover kidney function, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital recommends Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Foot Bath, Mai Kang Mixture, Medicinal Soup and Cycle Therapy, etc. They can expand blood vessels, improve blood circulation, prevent inflammation and coagulation, degrade extracellular matrix and provide nutrients for your kidney damage. In this way, you can avoid dialysis or kidney transplant. However, our therapies are only available in China so you need to come to China for treatment.

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