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Traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) have thousands of years history in China and it is the precious heritage of Chinese culture.It has great advantages compared with Western treatme...more

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Q:How Do I Reverse Stage 3 Kidney Failure

A:I have stage 3 kidney failure. How do I reverse kidney failure?...More

Q:Is Chamomile Tea Beneficial for Reducing High Creatinine Level 4.1

A:I want to ask if chamomile tea is beneficial for my father. His creatinine level is 4....More

Q:Is There Any Treatment for Pain In 10% Kidney Function

A:My fathers kidney is at 10% function only. He does not want to undergo dialysis. He so...More

Q:Radical Treatment for Swelling In Nephrotic Syndrome

A:I am Nasiru Ibrahim Onoruoiza. A Nigerian and 10 years of age. The problem is Nephroti...More

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