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How Is Creatinine Level 1500 Reduced To 400

2017-06-01 03:48

On 27th April, our hospital accepted a uremia patient with hemorrhage of digestive tract. When he was admitted, he was in a coma. But now he has left our hospital safely.

He was hospitalized due to cold. Later his medical reports showed urine protein, positive occult blood and high creatinine level. He was diagnosed with chronic glomerulonephritis and chronic kidney failure. Then he was taking medicines. Because he had no obvious and serious symptoms, he did not go to hospital for subsequent visit.

Before coming to our hospital, he had black stool and he was in a coma.

Our hospital gave him comprehensive examination. The medical reports showed protein-, occult blood 2+, creatinine 1502umol/L, urea nitrogen 62.8mmol/L, uric acid 609umol/L, potassium 6.41mmol/L and high blood pressure 180/110mmHg.
 Creatinine Level 1500 Reduced To 400

The diagnosis is chronic glomerulonephritis, kidney failure, renal anemia, primary high blood pressure, upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage and hyperkalemia.

It is a high toxic state in patient’s body. Metabolic acidosis can lead to respiratory failure. Complications like high blood pressure and hemorrhage of digestive tract can threaten your life. At this time, we should guarantee a patient’s safety. Our doctor gave him medicines for high blood pressure and Chinese medicines to protect his kidney function.

Chinese medicines and western medicines are combined together to treat his condition. After dialysis and our unique Toxin-Removing Treatment, his condition was improved a lot. High creatiine level is reduced to 494umol/L from 1502umol/L. Acidosis was corrected. And he also had a good appetite.
 Creatinine Level 1500 Reduced To 400

After half month of consolidation, his condition had great improvement. In the last ten days, he went back home.

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