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Is Everything Good For Uremia Patients After Kidney Transplant

2017-05-28 03:26

Is Everything Good For Uremia Patients After Kidney TransplantKidney transplant is the most effective treatment method in end stage renal disease (ESRD). However, is kidney transplant so simly as we think?

Let’s talk about some common questions regarding kidney transplant.

1. Are all patients suitable for kidney transplant?

Some people say if you have money and donor, you can do transplant. Is this true? Of course not.

Chronic infectious diseases are not well controlled and patients have abortive tuberculosis, active hepatitis, unhealed upper gastrointestinal ulcer, malignant tumor, mental disease and uncorrected heart failure. In these conditions, kidney transplant should not be done. Even if you have donor and money, you can not take operation soon. You need to take dialysis treatment and nurse yourself for a period of time. After you are in a good physical condition, kidney transplant can be done.

2. Can I be a completely healthy people after kidney transplant?

After kidney transplant, your own immune system will reject your new kidney. It will attack your new kidney. Your new kidney can be dead again. In order to avoid this, you need take immunosuppressor before and after kidney transplant.

Yet long time of immunosuppressors will decrease your immunity. You will be prone to catch infection. This will cause relapse of your kidney disease.

3. How long can you live after kidney transplant?

Actually this is a hard question to answer.

The survive rate and prognosis of kidney transplant is closely related with your daily life. Currently the successful rate of kidney transplant in China is 90%. But it does not represent the improvement of survival rate. One year of survival rate is 85% and 5 years of survival rate is 60%. It is only 1% for 10 years of survival rate.

There is alternative treatment for uremia patients. If kidney transplant is not suitable for you, try alternative Chinese medicine treatments in China. You will have a better improvement and live longer.

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