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The Causes Of Anemia In Uremia Patients

2014-09-02 02:36

The Causes Of Anemia In Uremia PatientsWe all know in the early stage of uremia patients will show many symptoms and anemia is one of them. However, many people do not know the causes of anemia in uremia. As for the causes of anemia, the following will give you answer in details.

1. Since the kidneys of uremia patients have been damaged badly, many toxins cannot be removed from the body. The accumulation in the body will make hematopoietic function of red blood cells decline and then anemia presents. Metabolic products accumulation like phenol and its derivatives can inhibit the hematopoietic function. Some toxins like guanidine and its derivatives will shorten the lifetime of red blood cells and speed up the damages on red blood cells as well as lead to hemolysis.

2. Damaged kidneys fail to eliminate toxins and wastes from the body and causes wastes pile up. Some wastes form ammonia, which can stimulate gastrointestinal mucosa to cause fibrinous inflammation. This will lead to ulcer and bleeding. Oral cavity, esophagus and rectum can all be affected.

3. Large amounts of waste accumulates in your body will make patients have anemia signs. Due to increased renin secretion, long time of high blood pressure will result in declined heart function.

From the above three factors, we can see anemia is caused by damaged kidneys. Therefore, the treatment for anemia should aim to repair damaged kidneys. As long as kidney damage is alleviated, its function to remove wastes from the body is improved, so anemia will also be relieved. To repair injured kidneys, we have unique Chinese herbs. It is not one kind of herb but several herbs combined together to restored impaired kidneys. The active ingredients in Chinese herbs can come to kidney lesion directly with the help of osmosis device. The herbs can dilate blood vessels, prevent inflammation and coagulation, degrade extracellular matrix and provide useful nutrients. All these help repair damaged kidneys. And gradually kidney function can be improved.

If you want to learn the detailed information about our Chinese herbs, you can leave us a message below.

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