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How To Prolong Life Expectancy Of Uremia Patients

2015-05-09 06:12

How To Prolong Life Expectancy Of Uremia PatientsCurrent medical level can not treat uremia but we can prolong uremia patients’ life expectancy with correct treatment. Well, how to prolong life expectancy of uremia patients?

Uremia is the result of chronic kidney disease developing to late stage. Inflammatory response damages kidney cells. Damaged kidney cells lead to ischemia and anoxia, then triggering renal fibrosis. The development of renal fibrosis damages kidney intrinsic cells, which causes declined kidney function. Most patients do not take timely treatment but take wrong treatment. Renal fibrosis to kidney damage does not be blocked and finally kidney function lose completely. Uremia under such a condition occurs.

As for the treatment of uremia, the most common remedies are dialysis and kidney transplant. Dialysis is able to remove part of metabolic toxins and reduce damages on kidneys. It relieves patients’ sufferings, improve their life quality and delay the development of kidney disease. Dialysis also buys time for other treatments. Kidney transplant is to use a healthy kidney to replace failed kidney. Its cost is very expensive and it is very difficult to find a matched kidney. What’s more, after kidney transplantation, patients need to take anti-rejection medication for their rest of life. Although kidney transplant can prolong patients’ life, it does not prevent renal fibrosis from damaging kidneys. New kidney after some time will lose its function again.

Compared with dialysis and kidney transplant, doctors in China summarize a newest treatment plan for uremia after many years of clinical experiments. This newest treatment is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which combines Chinese medicine with western medicine together. Through preventing inflammation and coagulation, dilating blood vessels, degrading extracellular matrix and repairing impaired kidney cells, kidney function will be recovered gradually. This newest treatment is a new hope for uremia patients. As for the further information, you can consult our online doctor or leave a message below. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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