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What Uremia Patients Need To Pay Attention To After Dialysis

2015-06-02 10:45

What Uremia Patients Need To Pay Attention To After DialysisWhat uremia patients need to pay attention to after dialysis? Some patients think dialysis can remove harmful and waste substances out of the body so they relax the diet. In fact this is a wrong idea. After dialysis, uremia patients also need to focus on diet intake.

Chronic kidney failure patients who receiving sustaining hemodialysis usually have oliguria or even anuria. Therefore, fluid intake should be limited otherwise it will cause swelling, high blood pressure and heart failure as well as other complications. How much water you can intake depends on patients’ specific medical condition.

Diet for uremia patients after dialysis:

1. Low protein diet

Patients in azotremia phase and uremia stage should choose high quality animal protein such as fresh milk, egg, fish and lean meat to supplement various essential amino acid.

2. Low salt diet

Uremia patients should avoid salty foods especially all kinds of salted foods like bacon, sausage, salted fish. This is because these foods will reduce the urine volume.

3. Supplement high quality protein foods

Uremia patients need to supplement some high quality protein foods like lean meat, egg white and fish, etc. While plant protein like bean products, corn and flour should be eaten less.

4. Supplement vitamin D

Dried beans, internal organs, yeast and germ foods should be consumed less because these foods will elevate calcium and uric acid level.

5. Low potassium diet

When kidneys start making weak urine or stopped working at all, your body lost its ability to control its potassium level. This is when potassium can become dangerous for you. Figuring out how much potassium you can safely eat and sticking to it is one of the biggest problems with being on dialysis. The necessary restrictions in the amount of salt and meat in your diet are similar to those recommended to anyone who wants to eat a healthy diet.

Diet is one aspect which dialysis patients need to pay attention to. Besides, if patients still have urine, it is possible for them to reduce dialysis frequency or even avoid dialysis. The treatment is Chinese Medicine Treatment including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, foot bath, acupuncture, enema therapy, acupoint application and steaming therapy, etc. According to patients’ medical conditions, different remedies will be chosen and some of them are usually combined together to treat uremia. After a period of treatment, injured kidney tissues can be repaired and gradually kidney function will be enhanced. Thus, dialysis frequency is more likely to be reduced.

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