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Proper Diet For People With Uremia

2015-04-22 02:00

Proper Diet For People With UremiaThe emergency of uremia brings serious harm to human body. We all it is not easy to treat uremia. The recovery of uremia requires a period of time, so the nursing care is very important for uremia patients. Uremia patients should pay attention to their diet. Well, how to control diet to prevent progression of uremia?

1. limit fluid intake

Since uremia patients have a decreased urine output, fluid they consume will deposit in their body, causing body swelling, elevated blood pressure and even pulmonary edema. Therefore, kidney failure patients should limit fluid intake. If they sweat a lot, fluid intake can be increased properly.

2. restrict protein intake

Protein intake should be limited strictly, so uremia patients should choose high quality foods like meat, eggs and milk. Beans, nuts, vegetables, fruits and whole grains contain low quality protein, which will produce more wastes and put a burden on your kidneys.

3. supplement enough calories

As protein and rice dishes are restricted, it is easy to cause insufficient calories. At this time, the original protein in the body will be consumed while this will make urea level elevated. What’s worse, your immunity will decrease. Thus, uremia patients must intake high calories and low protein foods.

4. limit the intake of sodium

If sodium in your body is too much, it will cause high blood pressure, edema, abdominal dropsy, pulmonary edema and heart failure. Salt, soy sauce, aginomoto, vinegar and ketchup contain a large amount of sodium, so uremia patients should add less salt when cooking.

In addition, all of these suggestions should depend on your detailed situation. If you want to know your own diet plan, please send your detailed suggestion to kidneycares@hotmail.com, and we will send a diet plan just for you.

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