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Can Diabetes Patients Eat Rambutan

2015-08-04 03:12

Can Diabetes Patients Eat RambutanThe rambutan fruit is probably the most exotic fruits on this planet. This fruit is rich in carbohydrates, fats, proteins, phosphorus, iron, vitamin C and also calcium. All of these nutrition and minerals provide this fruit therapeutic as well as healing quality. Is rambutan good for diabetes patients?

One of the therapeutic quality of rambutan is to treat diabetes. Take about 5 seeds and after that fry them. Mash the dry fried seeds and also add the power to the cup of cold water. Take it a couple of times each day.

Rambutan also has other health benefits:

1. Boost immune system

High vitamin C content in rambutan helps improve our metabolic process or even defense mechanisms. Higher metabolism can safeguard or even help save us from several hazardous illness and also bad condition. Rambutan is good for overall health.

2. Remove wastes from kidney

Phosphorus in rambutan removes wastes in the kidneys and is important for the development, repair and maintenance of tissues and body cells.

3. Alleviate anemia

Rambutan is rich in iron which helps correct the amount of oxygen in the body which controls dizziness and fatigue due to anemia.

Although rambutan has curative effect for diabetes and contributes to overall health, it is not enough to treat diabetes. Medical treatment for diabetes is still the key point. Compared with western medicines, diabetes patients may prefer natural remedies. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can both treat diabetes. Acupuncture points used to treat diabetes are all over he body and on several meridians. A point on the back, called Yishu is used and has proven effective for controlling the function of the pancreas and blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. Besides, Chinese herbal medicine is an important component to the treatment of diabetes. Different formulas may be effective for different people. For example, ginseng can improve glucose tolerance and is often added to herbal formulas. Other herbs are added to an herbal formula to treat complications of diabetes such as peripheral neuropathy and blurry vision.

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