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Is It OK To Eat Garlic If You Get Diabetes

2015-05-22 07:47

Is It OK To Eat Garlic If You Get DiabetesIs it OK for diabetes patients to eat garlic? Garlic, an herb with a long medical history in treating colds, may offer benefits in controlling blood sugar levels. Here we will introduce you the detailed information.

Garlic helps lower blood sugar and may be used by people with diabetes in addition to their regular regime of insulin and special diets. Garlic contains certain compounds such as allicin, allyl propyl disulfide and S-allyl cysteine sulfoxide which increase the amount of insulin in the body by blocking the liver’s inactivation of insulin, making more insulin available to the body. Diabetes patients may benefit by taking moderate amounts of garlic as a supplement. Raw and cooked garlic or aged garlic extract not only can help regulate blood glucose but also prevent or lessen the effects of some of the complications of diabetes. The complications of diabetes may include high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, arteriosclerosis, kidney disease, kidney failure, nervous system damage. The health benefits of garlic or its constituents for diabetes include:

Promoting blood flow

Fighting or preventing heart disease

Regulating blood pressure

Lowering bad cholesterol

Enhancing the immune complexes

Preventing infections

Lowering glucose levels in the blood

Diabetes is on the rise around the world. Although garlic is not considered toxic as a food, it may cause side effects for certain individuals and for anyone taking it in large quantities. Therefore, you had better consult your doctor before taking garlic.

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