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Is Acupuncture Helpful For Diabetic Neuropathy

2015-04-02 09:29

Is Acupuncture Helpful For Diabetic NeuropathyDiabetic neuropathy is a nerve damage caused by high glucose levels. It most commonly affects the nerves on the feet, but any nerves can be involved including those that control internal organs.

The treatment focuses on easing symptoms and reducing the risk of further complications. Acupuncture as a complex therapeutic system has been used to treat a variety of diseases and pathological conditions. The effect of acupuncture in some kidney diseases is reviewed. Well, is acupuncture helpful for diabetic neuropathy?

Acupuncture improves the effects of a diabetes medication for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy, including:

1. reduced ability to feel pain in the feet

2. altered walking style

3. digestion problems

4. erection problems in men

5. loss of muscular strength

6. heart problems

7. injuries to the feet that go unnoticed and therefore untreated

Acupuncture treatment can prevent blood sugar, prevent neuropathy, stroke and even dementia. The healthy blood vessels and nerves are crucial for the normal function of the heart and brain function. Since patients cannot do acupuncture every day to lower their blood sugar, eating low glycemic index food and doing regular exercise can also help resensitize the insulin receptor. Keeping diabetes under control will also reduce the risk of kidney disease. Diabetes is the number one factor for kidney disease.

In summary, acupuncture is helpful for diabetic neuropathy. If you want to know more information on diabetes diet and treatment, you can consult our online doctor directly or leave a message to kidneycares@hotmail.com. We are glad to help you.

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