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Can Celery Cure Diabetes

2015-01-24 01:30

Can Celery Cure DiabetesCelery is a vegetable of parsley family; it is being used as holistic medicine for many diseases, including diabetes. Tips on how to use celery as a remedy for diabetics.

Celery is packed with nutrients, some of which may help ward off type 2 diabetes and benefit diabetics.

Effects of vitamin K

Celery is high in vitamin K and reduces inflammation which may increase your sensitivity to insulin and improve your glucose metabolism. The researchers have discovered that the highest vitamin K intake had a lower risk of type 2 diabetes compared with those with the lowest intake.

How to use celery for diabetic treatment?

Celery leaves are proven to cure diabetes. But celery must be taken in moderation since it contains high sugar and high calories especially when cooked. Therefore, diabetics had better eat celery in raw. Since you do not normally consume more than two cups of soup, you can add celery in your soup.

On the hand other, you can drink celery juice. Prepare 5 ounces of celery, 6 ounces of carrot, 2 ounces of endive and 2 ounces of parsley. Then, cut them into pieces and put all of them into a blender. Blend thoroughly until it becomes smooth and fine in texture. Drink a glass of celery and diabetes will surely be reduced.

In summary, celery is good for diabetes but it can not cure the diabetes from the root. If you are diagnosed with diabetes, you can have a try of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is a fundamental way for diabetes. 

Aside from benefits for diabetics, celery is also good for disease such as high blood pressure, obesity and kidney diseases. Celery is also beneficial for those with insomnia since it can calm the nerve.

Celery in found in Chinese herbal medications to treat or prevent diabetes. But always speak with your physician before trying any alternative medicines. To be convenient, you can consult our online doctor directly if you have any question.

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