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Will Type 2 Diabetes Affect Hearing

2015-01-16 07:19

Will Type 2 Diabetes Affect HearingRecent studies have confirmed that there is a link between diabetes and hearing loss. Is it true? And, how does type 2 diabetes cause hearing loss? Please follow us to see the answer to these questions?

1. Will type 2 diabetes cause hearing problem?

Type 2 diabetes can cause hearing loss and it hurts hearing in the following ways:

When blood sugar is high, there is a breakdown of nerves in the ears- the same kind of nerve damage that causes tingling and other symptoms in the fingertips and toes. What’s more, the blood vessels in the ears are very small. When blood sugar rises, blood running through the veins is like syrup. It is hard to get into the tiny capillaries of the cochlea. That can contribute to the hearing problems. In addition, our hearing mechanisms reply on specialized cells called hair cells. they are very fragile and susceptible to changes in the environment, including the effect of increased glucose in blood.

If you are experiencing hearing loss, you will also experience an increased risk of falling because your inner ear not only helps manage your hearing but also your sense of balance.

2. What to do with hearing problem?

Control blood sugar

The best way to avoid complications caused by diabetes is to closely monitor your blood sugar levels. As a result, type 2 diabetes patients need to give themselves insulin injections to make up for what their body does not produce.

Dietary changes

Diabetics should cut down on carbohydrates or balance them with fats and protein.

Do not smoke

Smoke speeds hearing loss on its own, but acts as a risk multiplier when combined with other hearing loss risk factors like poorly controlled diabetes, working in an environment full of loud noise or frequently using firearms.

Hearing problem should be considered as a diabetes-related complication. Once you have any sign of hearing loss, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

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