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How much Water should a Diabetic Drink Each Day

2012-10-03 15:35

Many Diabetics think that the reason why they experience frequent urination is that they drink too much water, so they hope to control the symptom by reducing their intake of water. However, this idea is actually not the truth. Reducing the intake of water will not help to relieve Diabetic symptoms. On the other hand, it may worsen the illness condition in Diabetics.

To make it clear people with Diabetes first need to know why they experience diuresis. Diabetes, as we have known, is characterized by high blood glucose because pancreatic cells don’t function properly to produce insulin. Their blood glucose stays high and can no longer be used as energy by human body due to the insulin insufficiency. As physiological response, the high blood sugar will be forced to be filtered out of the body by the kidneys, and during this process large amount of water will be carried out together. Excessive urination cause water loss and concentrate bloodstream, which will stimulate central nerve system and make the patients feel thirsty. Drinking more water is a protective reflex.

Restricting the intake of water will further concentrate bloodstream, so the excess sugar and toxic substances will not be effectively removed into urine. Elderly people with Diabetes have reduced central nerve sensitivity to thirst, so when they feel thirsty insufficiency of water is mostly very severe. Drinking plenty water, thereby, is recommended to Diabetics.

How much water to drink per day for Diabetics? As common individuals, average water intake suggested to Diabetics is 2500ml per day. Boiled water or mineral water can be chosen, but sugar content drinks should be restricted. More water is needed after strenuous exercise or during obvious sweating. Soy bean milk is favorable for Diabetics with high blood pressure and high blood lipids.  One thing to remember, if you feel extreme thirst, that may be a sign for high blood glucose, and you will be suggested to take care to monitor and control blood sugar carefully. 

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