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Why Diabetics Have Sweet Taste in Mouth

2012-09-29 10:39

In some conditions, patients with Diabetes may experience a dry mouth together with a sweet taste even if they have not ate any sweet foods. Even if they drink plenty of water, the sweet taste doesn’t get any better, thus making the patients rather puzzled. Is it that Diabetes has worsened or any complication is causing the taste? Actually, there are two main inducing causes of the symptom:

One is gastrointestinal tract disorder.

Diabetic digestive system disorder is a complication of Diabetes.

Dysfunction in digestive tract will result in abnormal secretion of certain kinds of enzymes. Higher levels of amylases in spittle will stimulate taste buds on your tongues, thus resulting in the sweet taste in mouth. When Diabetes also damage the nerves that regulate functions in gastrointestinal tract, they patients may have accompanying symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, etc.

The other reason for the sweet taste in mouth is high levels of blood glucose.

For the patients with Diabetes, poor controlling of blood glucose can cause sweet taste in mouth. For the one hand, the amount of glucose in spittle increases as blood sugar level is rising, thus causing the taste of sweetness in their mouth. For the other, high blood sugar may cause a complication called diabetic ketoacidosis. Ketoacidosis occurs when glucose in bloodstream can not be utilized by the body as energies. Instead, the body will use the stored fat for energy. Ketones as byproducts of fat will build up in human body. This will cause fruity or sweet taste in mouth. Ketoacidosis is common in Type 1 Diabetes, and rarely seen in Type 2 Diabetes.

For Diabetics, controlling blood sugar is essential to alleviate the symptom. Taking good care for personal oral hygiene is also important. Poor oral health and high blood sugar in spittle may offer a good environment for germs to breed in mouth thus causing the sweet taste. Talk with your doctor to get specific treatment guidance. For any concerned issue, you may also submit your information to us and get expert help for free.

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