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Type 1 diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes, or Juvenile Diabetes, is insulin-dependent type of Diabetes due to destruction to pancreatic beta cells. Learn diagnosis, treatment and happy living to manage Diabetes in children.

Proper Diets for Diabetic Gravida

Proper Diets for Diabetic Gravida

Some women may develop abnormal glucose tolerance during pregnancy though they have no illness history of diabetes before and this is called gestational diabetes. This is because the placenta will secrete more and more lactogen along with t...Read More

What are the Proper Fruits for Diabetes Patients

What are the Proper Fruits for Diabetes Patients

Diabetes patients can eat fruits, but not every kind of fruit is suitable for them. What are the proper fruits for them? It should depend on their specific illness condition and in the premise of well controlled blood sugar and those that a...Read More

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