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Diabetes Symptom---Excessive Urination

2013-01-13 13:27

excessive urinationOne typical symptom of diabetes is excessive urination especially at nights. Sometimes daily urine output can be up to 3000-5000ml while normally it should be 1000-1500ml.

High concentration of blood glucose can not be fully used by the body and will be leaked from the kidneys and discharged into urine. The higher blood sugar level is, the more sugar will be discharged in urine and more urine will be produced, as a result, patients will always feel thirsty and drink a lot of water. Other symptoms that often accompany with excessive urination and water intake are dry mouth, sticky tongue, etc.

Some patients think that frequent urination is due to too much water intake and excessive urination can be alleviated if they limit water intake. Actually this is not the truth. Excessive urination is actually an self-protection. When blood sugar level is high, the body has to produce more urine to discharge excessive sugar outside. Excessive urination will cause dehydration and make patients feel constant thirst and drink a lot of water.

When feeling thirsty, patients should not limit water or it can cause hemoconcentration. As a result, metabolic wastes and toxins can not be discharged and patients have the risk of diabetic ketoacidosis or even hypertonic diabetic coma. What is more, dehydration can damage nervous system, therefore instead of limiting water intake, it is recommended that diabetes patients should have about 200-400ml warm water before going to bed.

To alleviate excessive urination and water intake, the only effective way is to lower blood sugar and maintain it within ideal and stable level. Pyridine chromium acid can be combined with insulin and other hypoglycemic drugs. Pyridine chromium acid can improve the efficacy of insulin and make blood sugar easier to be controlled. It has helped many patients to have clinical remission or even complete remission of constant thirst and excessive urination.

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