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Treatment for Type 1 Diabetes with Proteinuria

2013-09-25 15:03

Proteinuria refers to loss of protein in urine.It often occurs in people with a long history of diabetes.What does proteinuria in type 1 diabetes mean? What is the treatment for type 1 diabetes with proteinuria?

How does proteinuria occur in type 1 diabetes?

Proteinuria describes the presence of protein in the urine.It is often defined as an amount in excess of 300mg per day.Protein is an important substance in body and it is essential for the regeneration of tissues and cells in body.

The major culprit of proteinuria in type 1 diabetes is kidney damage.The tiny blood vessels in kidneys can filter out extra fluid and wastes from body. Meanwhile, the useful substances can not pass through the filters and will be retained in body. In right condition, the proteins are too big to pass through the tiny blood vessels in kidneys.

However, long-term high blood sugar can cause extra strain on kidneys. Over time,the tiny blood vessels will become worn out and impaired gradually.When the tiny blood vessels are damaged, a large amount of proteins will pass through kidneys, thus resulting in proteinuria.

Proteinuria is a significant accelerator in worsening renal function in type 1 diabetes.Therefore,it is important for the patients to seek an effective treatment.

In addition, there may be other causes of proteinuria in type 1 diabetes like urinary tract infection. How to know if your proteinuria is related to Diabetes? Consult with our online professional now!

Treatment for type 1 diabetes with proteinuria

ACE inhibitors and ARB drugs are first-line medications for high blood pressure.These medications are also effective in controlling proteinuria in type 1 diabetes. Meanwhile, a low-protein diet also can help relieve the proteinuria.How to manage a low-protein diet?Email to kidneycares@hotmail.com  for a dietary regime.

As mentioned above,the proteinuria in type 1 diabetes results from damage to tiny blood vessels in kidneys.To control it completely,the patients should have treatment to restore the impaired blood vessels and improve the barrier function of the kidneys.Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can help the patients attain the treatment goal.

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