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Treatment for Lupus Nephritis with Stage 3 Kidney Disease& Low GFR

2014-02-13 16:39

Lupus nephritis is a significant cause of chronic kidney disease (CKD). As renal function declines gradually, low GFR will result. What is the treatment for lupus nephritis with stage 3 kidney disease and low GFR?

Lupus nephritis with stage 3 kidney disease and low GFR

Glomeruli act as filters in kidneys. Every kidney is composed of hundreds of glomeruli. The glomeruli can filter out waste products from body. The useful substances like protein can not pass through the holes of glomeruli so can be preserved in body.

However, in lupus nephritis, the glomeruli become inflamed and scarred due to abnormal activity of immune system.

GFR measures how much blood is filtered by glomeruli. When the glomeruli become impaired, less blood will be filtered by glomeruli, thus resulting in low GFR. In stage 3 kidney disease, the kidneys are impaired in moderation with GFR of 30-59ml/min. At this stage, as the kidneys are impaired in moderation, the kidney damage can be reversed in some cases.

Treatment for Lupus Nephritis with stage 3 kidney disease and low GFR

To treat lupus nephritis with stage 3 kidney disease and low GFR effectively, the treatment goals should include preserving the residual renal function and enhancing renal function.

To preserve renal function, the key treatment goal is to control immune dysfunction and stop further inflammatory response in kidneys. Immunotherapy can help the body recover normal immune system and stop further damage to kidneys.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is an effective way to improve renal function. This therapy aims at enhancing renal function by repairing the impaired kidney tissues and cells. If the impaired glomeruli can be reversed, low GFR will be elevated fundamentally.

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