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Treatment for Stage 4 Kidney Disease in IgA Nephropathy

2014-02-12 11:12

IgA nephropathy is an autoimmune disorder with deposits of immunoglobulin A. It is a progressive disorder. If treated ineffectively, chronic kidney disease (CKD) will result. This article will introduce the treatment for stage 4 kidney disease in IgA nephropathy.

Stage 4 kidney disease in IgA nephropathy

Immunoglobulin A is a kind of antibodies and it can protect the body against foreign harmful substances. However, in IgA Nephropathy, the immune system fails to function normally. Extra immunoglobulin A is made by immune system. With blood circulation, the immunoglobulin A will deposit in mesangial area and it can trigger inflammation in kidneys. If the inflammation can not be suppressed, it may impair the glomeruli, resulting in progressive loss of renal function.

Treatment for stage 4 kidney disease in IgA Nephropathy

To treat stage 4 kidney disease in IgA nephropathy, the treatment goals should include recovering the normal immune system and reversing kidney damage.

The conventional treatment only can relieve the inflammation of kidneys and control the symptoms of IgA nephropathy. To attain the above treatment goals, Immunotherapy and Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy are the recommended treatments. These two treatments have been applied in clinic for decades and have showed remarkable therapeutic effects in treating refractory kidney diseases.

Immunotherapy can correct the immune dysfunction and rebuild the normal immune system. If the immunity recovers normal, it will return to protect the body other than attacks it.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can activate the self-rebuilding of kidney tissues and cells. If the impaired kidney structure can be reversed, renal function will be improved remarkably and fundamentally.

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