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Can Stage 4 Kidney Disease with Creatinine 4.2 Be Reversed

2013-12-31 13:42

A person with stage 4 kidney disease has very serious kidney damage.As the diseased kidneys fail to filter out waste products from body,high creatinine level will result.Can stage 4 kidney disease with creatinine 4.2 be reversed? If you have any question,you can consult with our online doctor now!

The following are recommended treatments to treat stage 4 kidney disease with creatinine 4.2.They can function well to improve renal function and make the patients live a better life.

Blood Purification

Blood purification is a nonspecific treatment.It refers to a group of blood purification methods in which various kinds of blood purification devices and techniques are applied.These treatments together can purify blood fundamentally.Hence, high creatinine will be lowered.

Herbal medicine

Herbal medicine is an effective treatment for stage 4 kidney disease with creatinine 4.2. On one hand, certain kinds of herbal medicines can increase the excretion of waste products through other channels like skin and intestine. On the other hand, herbal medicine is tonic to kidneys and can help enhance renal function.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy can treat stage 4 kidney disease with creatinine 4.2 fundamentally by restoring the kidney structure. Stem cells are a group of immature cells in body.In treating kidney disease,they can differentiate into new cells to replace the impaired kidney cells.Once the kidney structure is restored, renal function will be enhanced remarkably.When the native kidneys can function better,creatinine and other waste products will be removed from body normally.

The above are the treatment options for stage 4 kidney disease with creatinine 4.2.Based on a patient’s specific illness condition, different treatments will be recommended.If you want to know what treatments suit your condition, you can email to kidneycares@hotmail.com  for more detailed information.

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