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Treatment for Stage 4 Kidney Disease with Shrinking Kidney

2013-10-10 14:35

Kidneys are a pair of bean-shaped kidneys measuring in 10~12cm in length,5~6cm in width and 3~4 in thickness.However,when kidneys shrink,they will not function normally.What is the treatment for stage 4 kidney disease with shrinking kidney?

Stage 4 kidney disease with shrinking kidney

Nephrons are the basic functional units and can filter out wastes and keep useful substances in body.Because there are millions of nephrons in each kidney,a person may not develop any symptoms only when a few nephrons become damaged.Due to compensatory capacity,the remaining healthy nephrons will work harder to keep the blood clean.Eventually,the healthy nephrons will become damaged as well.Kidneys can become scarred or even shrink in size. In stage 4 kidney disease,a large amount of nephrons are impaired.

There is a number of causes of shrinking kidney like Diabetes, high blood pressure, systemic disease etc. If you are not clear about the cause of shrinking kidney in your case, you can chat with our online doctor for an answer now!

Treatment for shrinking kidney in stage 4 kidney disease

While control the causes of shrinking kidney is not able to increase the size of kidney,it can stop the kidneys from further reducing in size.

As mentioned above,shrinking kidney in stage 4 kidney disease results from loss of healthy nephrons.Therefore,to increase the size of kidney, the patients should have a treatment to repair the diseased nephrons.If the number of healthy nephrons can be increased, the shrinking kidney will increase in size.

The frist treatment step is to purify blood by removing all wastes and toxins from bloodstream.

The second treatment step is to increase blood supply to kidneys.It can create a favorable internal environment for repairing the impaired nephrons.

The third step is to restore the impaired nephrons.Therefore, the number of healthy nephrons will increase.

If the number of healthy nephrons can be elevated,the shrinking kidney will increase in size in stage 4 kidney disease.

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