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Treatment for Stage 4 CKD with Diabetes And High Blood Pressure

2013-10-07 10:56

A person with stage 4 chronic kidney disease (CKD) has serious kidney damage.Diabetes induced kidney disease has worse prognosis than other types of kidney diseases.What is the treatment for stage 4 CKD with diabetes and high blood pressure?

Stage 4 CKD with diabetes and high blood pressure

Diabetes is an important cause of CKD. The tiny blood vessels in kidneys can filter out extra fluid and wastes from body normally.However,if blood sugar level keeps higher,it can cause extra strain on the blood vessels. Over time,the tiny blood vessels will become exhausted and failed.In stage 4 CKD,a large part of tiny blood vessels in kidneys become impaired and even sclerotic.

High blood pressure can occur either before or after diabetes kidney disease.It also can cause extra stress on kidneys,accelerating renal function deterioration.

Treatment for stage 4 CKD with diabetes and high blood pressure

An important treatment part should be controlling high blood pressure and blood sugar.This can slow renal function decline effectively. Meanwhile,effective treatment of the associated complications,especially proteinuria also can help slow down kidney function deterioration.

However, in stage 4 CKD with diabetes and high blood pressure,Dialysis will come soon if no treatment is adopted to improve renal function. Treatment for stage 4 CKD with diabetes and high blood pressure should be able to restore the impaired kidney structure and improve renal function. If the kidneys can work better to filter blood, dialysis will not be required at all.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is an effective treatment for stage 4 CKD with diabetes and high blood pressure.It is an external therapy developing from traditional Chinese herbal medicines.The effective medicines can regenerate the impaired kidney tissues to restore the tiny blood vessels in kidneys effectively, thus giving rise to an enormous renal function improvement. In this way, the patients will prevent the onset of dialysis completely.

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