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Is Dialysis the Only Treatment for Stage 4 CKD

2013-09-29 15:19

Is Dialysis the Only Treatment for Stage 4 CKDDialysis is a lifesavor for people when their kidneys fail to function normally.It can take over a partial kidney function and take off the extra fluid and a part of wastes from body. However,dialysis can affect the patients’ life drastically and some patients may choose not to start dialysis.Is dialysis the only treatment for stage 4 CKD?

Stage 4 CKD

A person with stage 4 CKD has advanced kidney damage with a severe decrease in GFR to 15~30ml/min.As kidney function declines,high levels of wastes and toxins will build up in body, resulting in number of complications like high blood pressure, anemia,bone disease,heart disease etc.If the condition keeps worsening further, dialysis will be required in the near future.

However,the good news is that dialysis is not the only treatment for stage 4 CKD.

Alternative treatment for stage 4 CKD than dialysis

If the native kidneys can work better to filter blood,dialysis will not be needed.How to restore impaired kidney to improve renal function?

Once kidney tissues are impaired,they will release and attract more inflammatory factors.These inflammatory mediators can infilter into kidneys and worsen renal function further.The inflammation in kidneys can cause fibrosis and scarring of kidney tissues.Eventually,the kidney tissues will become scarred and kidneys will fail completely.

Therefore,anti-inflammation treatment should be an important part in treating stage 4 CKD.It can stop further renal function deterioration.

In stage 4 CKD,as a large part of kidney tissues has become impaired,to improve renal function,treatment should be used to restore the impaired kidney tissues.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is an alternative treatment for stage 4 CKD than dialysis.This is a plant-based therapy and free of adverse effects on body.It can help the body recover the self-healing ability to regenerate the impaired kidney tissues.Once the impaired kidney tissues can be regenerated, the renal function will be improved remarkably. In this case, dialysis will not be required at all.

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