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Does Stage 4 Kidney Disease Make Sleep Problem

2014-03-20 16:12

Does Stage 4 Kidney Disease Make Sleep ProblemAccording to statistics, 80% of patients with stage 4 kidney disease have sleeping problems, and they complain it very much. They want to know why it occurs and how to treat sleeping problems in stage 4. Here we will discuss this topic.

Sleeping problems have bad effects on patients with stage 4, which can affect their health and disorder metabolism in body. Besides, immunity will be reduced to some degree. There are some major causes of sleeping problems, as following:

1. Skin itching

Due to decline of kidney function, wastes and toxins build up in body, causing skin itching at last. Thus, skin itching annoys patients with stage 4 kidney disease, making them hard to sleep.

2. Muscle cramps

As kidney function decreases, electrolyte is imbalanced, leading to phosphorus deposition. But calcium is less, so lack of calcium cause muscle cramps.

3. Restless leg syndrome

According to research, 60%-80% patients will have restless leg syndrome. In addition, it occurs very seriously especially in night.

4. Spiritual pressure

Because of kidney disease, patients with kidney disease have more burdens spiritually. In this way, they are not easy to have a good sleep.

Patients with stage 4 kidney disease should get timely treatment to prevent further decline of kidney function. And improvement of kidney function can make patients with stage 4 kidney disease alleviate sleeping problems fundamentally. Hot compress therapy can achieve good results of recovering kidney function effectively.

The properties of hot compress therapy as following:

1. Extension of blood vessels

2. Prevention of inflammation in kidney

3. Prevention of blood clotting

4. Restoration of kidney damage

5. Recovery of kidney function

With hot compress therapy, patients with stage 4 kidney disease can make kidney function revive, thus, wastes can be removed from body. In this way, sleeping problems can be solved effectively.

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