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Symptoms of 22% Kidney Function and Its Best Treatment

2014-03-19 17:01

Symptoms of 22% Kidney Function and Its Best TreatmentRecently, some patients with 22% kidney function want to know how serious 22% kidney function means and how to make it treated effectively. In light of this, we will give an specific answer for patients with 22% kidney function.

Condition of 22% kidney function

In general, 22% kidney function means chronic kidney disease progress into stage 4 CKD. At stage 4 CKD, kidney function declines seriously with GFR falling to 15-29 ml/min, leading to buildup of wastes and fluids in body. Many symptoms will occur on patients with 22% kidney function, which are as following:

Nausea and vomiting

Bad appetite



Urine changes

Muscle cramps

High blood pressure


Short breath

Sleeping problems

Cardiovascular problems

Bone problems

Heart disease


What is worse, if patients with 22% kidney function have very serious symptoms and large quantities of wastes in body, they may be recommended for dialysis. Dialysis can help kidney filter the blood and alleviate symptoms, but it also has many side effects like low blood pressure, muscle cramps and skin itching. Thus, patients with 22% kidney function don’t want to do dialysis. Is there effective treatment for improving kidney function?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Hot compress therapy can get the best results of improving kidney function. Please see the below:

Chinese medicines in these two therapies have the properties of preventing kidney inflammation, coagulation and blood viscosity. Moreover, blood vessels can be dilated by Chinese medicines. In this way, kidney damage can be under repair and recovery effectively by the time. Besides, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Hot compress therapy have no side effects.

Patients with 22% kidney function need to get very timely treatment effectively to delay decline of kidney function. And Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Hot compress therapy are highly recommended for them to recover kidney function.

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