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Prognosis of Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease

2013-11-09 09:46

When diagnosed with stage 4 chronic kidney disease,your concern is what will happen next.What is the prognosis of stage 4 chronic kidney disease?

The prognosis of stage 4 chronic kidney disease varies from individual to individual as it is affected by numerous factors.Some patients may develop end stage renal disease (ESRD) in a short time.Fortunately,some patients can keep the condition stable and even have renal function improved.To predict the long outcome of stage 4 chronic kidney disease, the following factors should be taken into consideration.

Underlying diseases and conditions

There is a variety of diseases and conditions which can cause chronic kidney disease (CKD).The underlying cause has a significant influence on the prognosis of stage 4 chronic kidney disease.The prognosis of stage 4 chronic kidney disease is generally worse than those nondiabetics.


Complications play a vital role in influencing the prognosis of stage 4 chronic kidney disease.A majority of renal patients may die of the complications even before their kidneys fail.Effective control of the complications can help improve the outcome.You can email to kidneycares@hotmail.com  to get ways to manage the complications.


What treatment to choose is the key point in deciding the prognosis of stage 4 chronic kidney disease.The general treatment mainly aims at controlling the symptoms and complications,but has no significance in improving renal function.

To improve the prognosis of stage 4 chronic kidney disease completely and fundamentally,the patients should have a treatment to control the underlying diseases,stop renal function decline, and enhance renal function further.

To attain the above treatment goals,conventional treatment alone is not enough.Along with conventional treatment,Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Blood Purification should be applied.Blood purification can clear up the waste products from blood thoroughly. Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can repair the impaired kidney tissues to enhance renal function completely and fundamentally. If so, the prognosis of stage 4 chronic kidney disease will be improved remarkably.

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