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Can Stage 4 Renal Disease Be Reversed

2013-03-11 15:40

Patients on stage 4 renal disease have already seriously damaged kidney functions and their GFR is 15-29ml/min. When illness conditions progress into this stage, patients have developed serious symptoms and complications such as swelling, high blood pressure, renal anemia, proteinuria, hematuria, etc.

Since the kidneys are severely damaged, metabolic wastes and toxins can not be removed out of the body. Patients will have high creatinine, high BUN as well as many other abnormalities.

Usually at stage 4 renal disease, dialysis will be ordered by the doctors and patients have to have several times dialysis each week until kidney transplant becomes available.

Dialysis can not reverse stage 4 renal disease though it can lower high creatinine, alleviate symptoms and complications and prolong life expectancy. Because kidney functions will continue to be lost with dialysis and further illness progression can not be reversed.

Kidney transplant can help patients get rid of dialysis and give patients more kidney functions so as to reverse stage 4 renal disease or even cure kidney disease. However there is certain risk to operate the surgery of kidney transplant. What is more, the transplanted kidneys will once again failure and illness will again develop into renal failure.

It is not uncommon that many kidney transplant patients will be put on dialysis years after the transplant or even month or weeks. This is because in some cases the root problem can not be solved, so the transplanted kidneys will fail, not to mention organ rejection or various infections after the surgery.

Only if the underlying cause such as high blood pressure, diabetes is well treated, renal disorders and other imbalances and abnormalities are rectified and a favorable internal environment is created can renal disease be treated from the root. That is to say, treating renal disease should not only focus on the kidneys but also should have overall effects on the whole body.

With Immunotherapy, kidney functions can be gradually recovered and stage 4 renal disease can be reversed. What is more important, immunotherapy is no surgery. It is natural and safe. And since it aims at repairing renal damages and regulating immune functions, so its curative effects are lasting and durable.

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