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List Of Foods For CKD Stage 4 Patients

2015-03-10 09:21

List Of Foods For CKD Stage 4 PatientsFoods for chronic kidney disease (CKD) stage 4 should minimize symptoms and help you maintain adequate nutrients to prevent weight loss and malnutrition. Well, what are list of foods for CKD stage 4 patients?

1. protein and stage 4 CKD

Experts suggest that a protein intake of 0.6 grams per kg of body weight may be beneficial when glomerular filtration rate (GFR) drops below 25, or approximately 25 percent remaining kidney function. Half of protein should be consumed from high quality sources that provide all the essential amino acids like eggs, milk, poultry, seafood, red meat and soy. Low protein intake is said to have a protective effect on the kidneys. However, it may also cause protein malnutrition, with muscle wasting and low albumin levels. Therefore, ask your renal dietitian or our online doctor to calculate how much protein you should consume per day.

2. foods with low phosphorus and CKD Stage 4

As kidney function decreases, phosphorus is not removed from your body efficiently and can build up in the blood. Thus, foods with rich phosphorus level should be avoided or limited like cheese, milk, nuts, seeds and legumes, etc.

3. low potassium foods and CKD Stage 4

If kidneys are not able to remove enough potassium to maintain normal blood vessels in stage 4 CKD, patients have to limit high potassium foods. High potassium foods include avocado, bananas, nuts and seeds, orange and orange juice, pumpkin and winter squash, etc.

4. sodium and stage 4 CKD

The sodium recommendation for stage 4 CKD is 1000-4000mg/day based on fluid balance, blood pressure and other diseases that may affect sodium requirement.

5. fluid and CKD Stage 4

If patients begin to retain fluid in CKD stage 4, they may need to limit the amount of liquid they consume. Fluid retention signs include swelling in the feet, hands and face, sudden weight gain and shortness of breath and high blood pressure. They symptoms may indicate decreased urine output as kidney function declines.

If you need extra help for kidney diet, you can leave a message below or consult our online doctor directly. We will provide you more information as you need.

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