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Is Apple Cider Vinegar OK for A Person with Stage 4 CKD

2014-11-10 08:36

Is Apple Cider Vinegar OK for A Person with Stage 4 CKDWhen CKD reaches stage 4, your GFR ranges from 15 to 30, which means many waste products can not be removed from the blood timely, so you should pay more attention to your diet. Apple cider vinegar is widely recognized as its various health benefits. But is it OK for a person with stage 4 CKD?

-Lower blood pressure

Kidney is an organ that can regulate blood pressure. When kidney function declines, high blood pressure often occurs. Besides, high blood pressure can cause kidney failure and increase your risk of heart failure. Apple cider vinegar increases nitric oxide production that helps relax blood vessels so as to lower blood pressure.

-Detoxify the blood

Drinking apple cider vinegar helps strengthen your liver so as to detoxify the blood and reduce the kidneys’ workload which helps set up a good blood environment for kidney self-healing.

-Strengthen immune system

Infection, cold or some other diseases may add insult to injury. The malic acid in apple cider vinegar is a strong antiviral, which helps you reduce the chance of colds and infection.

-Decrease glucose levels

If your kidney disease is caused by diabetes, apple cider vinegar is a good choice for you to lower blood sugar, because it is full of acetic acid, which slow down the digestion of simple carbohydrates, thus regulating blood sugar levels.

Is apple cider vinegar OK for a person with stage 4 CKD? From the above, we can see it is OK. But you had better talk with your doctor to ensure the recommended daily intake and whether it interacts with the medicine you take or not before you add it into your diet. For more information about kidney disease treatment, leave a message below or send emails to kidneycares@hotmail.com.

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