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What Patients in Stage 4 CKD Can and Can Not Eat

2012-09-21 14:43

what patients in stage 4 CKD can and can not eatNutritional need for patients with stage 4 CKD varies due to different illness condition. If you need to know the exact foods that CKD stage 4 patients can and can not eat, you can describe your illness condition to us and we will offer you corresponding information with free of charge on the basis of your kidney function. Here we can only introduce you the general dietary principles for people with CKD stage 4.

1. Watch out protein intake

Not only patients with CKD stage 4, almost every patient with kidney problem need to limit protein intake and this is because high-protein diet increases extra renal burden, which can accelerate progression of disease. So it is beneficial to reduce the consumption of foods with high protein like beans and bean products. However, as protein is the essential substance of our body and we can not live normally without protein. Therefore, when take this into consideration, we can know clearly it is wrong to avoid protein intake completely. Under such a condition, patients with kidney problem, including CKD stage 4 patients, can ingest some high quality protein to meet physical demand and meanwhile avoid increasing extra renal burden. High quality protein usually can be found in lean meat, milk, egg white and fish and so on.

2. Limit sodium intake

People with CKD stage 4 are always asked to reduce salt intake; actually this is because salt is high in sodium which need to be discharged by kidney. When there is kidney damages, kidney fail to bear heavy burden and in such a condition, eating less salt will be helpful for protecting residual kidney function. Furthermore, low-salt diet contributes to the tight control of high blood pressure which is also a dominant symptom of kidney problem.

Pickle, bacon and salted egg all are rich in salt, so keeping far away from these foods are necessary.

3. Limit fluid intake if CKD stage 4 patients have swelling symptom

Swelling, also can be called edema, is a visible symptom of kidney problem. For people with CKD stage 4, most of them have swelling in face, legs and around eyes. With edema, limitation of fluid intake (including soup) will be helpful. Generally, the amount of fluids intake is proportional to the severity of swelling, that is to say, the more serious the swelling is, the less the fluids intake should be.

4. Low-phosphorus die

High phosphorus intake will restrain absorption to calcium, which can induce many diseases like bone disease and cardiovascular disease. Low-phosphorus is helpful for CKD stage 4 patients to prevent these serious complications.

Foods that are high in phosphorus include bran, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, toasted wheat germ, cheese, nuts, Flax seeds, Roasted Soybeans and bacon and so on.

5. Low-potassium diet if lab test show there is high level of potassium

Common foods with high potassium include banana, avocados, chocolate, coco powder, dates, panrika and so on. CKD stage 4 patients should be far away from these foods so as to avoid deterioration of kidney condition.

This is the general introduction about dietary principles for CKD stage 4 patients and we just list some of the foods. If you want to know whether you can eat some specific food, you can leave message to us and we will reply you within 24 hours.

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