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What Are Treatments For Purpura Nephritis

2015-04-05 06:54

What Are Treatments For Purpura NephritisCan purpura nephritis be cured? What are treatments for Purpura Nephritis? Purpura Nephritis is that skin suffers from anaphylactoid purpura which affects kidneys, causing inflammation of kidneys. This condition is called Purpura Nephritis.

Whether purpura nephritis can be cured or not depends on the degree of kidney damage and treatment you take. The less kidney function is damaged, the more possible purpura nephritis can be cured. Treatment for purpura nephritis should include the following aspects:

1. dilate blood vessels

Since inflammatory factors and substances in blood will cause oxidative stress, it will lead to injury of blood vessels, causing blockage of blood circulation so as to cause ischemia and anoxia of microcirculation. Besides, kidney intrinsic cells will be damaged due to renal ischemia and anoxia. To alleviate this condition, some Chinese medicines have the function of dilating blood vessels.

2. anti-inflammation therapy

Nephritis will bring some inflammatory mediators and release them into blood circulation. Chinese medicines are used to prevent inflammation.

3. anti-coagulation and prevention of blood clots

Since inflammation occurs, the activity of blood platelet will increase. However, the formation of blood platelet will make normal blood viscosity develop to blood coagulation. Along with the increase of coagulation factor, different levels of blood clots will form. On the contrary, blood clot will lead to blockage, ischemia and anoxia of micro-circulation.

4. degrade extracellular matrix

The attack of various harmful substances will lead to the hyperplasia of kidney intrinsic cells’ extracellular matrix. To stop the increase of extracellular matrix, some Chinese medicines can be used to degrade extracellular matrix.

All the above can be achieved by Chinese medicines. If you want to learn detailed information about Chinese medicines, you can leave a message below or consult our online doctor directly. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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Move the mouse to enlarge the picture This patient suffers from Purpura Nephritis

This patient suffers from Purpura Nephritis and has many red spots in his legs before our treatment. After our Chinese medicine treatments, he got great improvement. His red spots disappeared. See the effect from the above pictures.

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